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Safety is a big issue for everyone these days.

Posted by freigeleavator in Be temos

Safety is a big issue for everyone these days. It can be especially important when you are traveling. Many people are so focused on their trip or travel plans that they dont take the time to be on alert. With just a few steps you can help insure that your travel experience will be safe and secure.

Be sure to keep in contact with someone back home. Let them know when your arrival times should be and be sure to check in when you get to the different destinations. It is also a good idea to give them a call when you arrive in your hotel room (and give them the information for your stay, like hotel address and room number). If you are constantly in contact with home then if a problem arises people will be aware.

Where ever you are traveling you need to be on you toes. Keep an eye on your surroundings and especially on your possessions. Your money and I.D needs to be kept in a front pocket and if you have to carry a purse then keep it crossed over your shoulder and in front of you as well. The more aware you are, the less of a target you will be.

Be sure to keep your voice down when you are talking with the front desk. Make cell phone conversations PRIVATE conversations by holding them behind closed doors. Thieves are always on the lookout for personal information and if you shout it out then you make yourself an easy target.

Your choice of hotel room can be one of the most important security decisions you might make. Pick one that is close to the elevators an interior room. Be sure to stay away from any construction that may be going on. Stairways, construction areas, and other areas will give a thief the perfect space to hide. Choose wisely and stay safe.

Travel with a friend. Single travelers are more likely to be targets of crime than those traveling together. If you plan you outing with a friend then there will be more eyes to help keep watch and keep you secure.

Traveling doesnt have to be dangerous, but it can be especially during these times. It takes being aware of your surrounds and situations to help maintain your safety and security, but it can be done. Keep your eyes open, your mouth shut and be sure to stay in touch with home. You should be able to finish your travel without incident.

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